Monday, February 13, 2006

Fun with Crazy Glue(not).

I have a show tomorrow at work. It's annual Employee appreciation day and they do all sorts of crazy things in support of it. Everything from belly dancing to bands and stuff (hey, any excuse to play!). I've also been suckered into filming it so tonight I was rehearsing my parts, I have 9 songs to run though and I took a break to fix my busted camcorder tripod. It sort of bit the dust in the Bigfoot movie from this fall.
So I get out the crazy glue to take care of a loose cuff thread and the damned stuff won't come out! There's some in there, I can hear it when I give the tube a shake, it's just that the end is all dried shut, so I take a pin to it and clear the end out. I get the thread cuff ready, position the crazy-glue nozzel, tip it over!....
Nothin! I give it a squeeze.
That was a mistake.
Next time I wear gloves. When will I learn! Crazy glue is EVIL!

Only glued two fingers together this time. I got them apart with olive oil, but now they have a crackly white finish all over them.

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