Monday, June 18, 2007

Attack of the Canadian Geese!

Brought the family down to the banks of the Ottawa river today, where hundreds of geese shack up when it's not wintertime. I've done it a few times before with my kids but this time my wife came along and the geese were especially feisty. That is to say they kind of attacked us and tried to kill us for our food (not really). They were anxious to get some grub and I had brought some yucky flax bagels someone bought by mistake that weren't going to get eaten anytime soon.

After the first wave my family took refuge on top of some rocks while I snapped pictures, but things calmed down after that. You can't fight nature, you have to go with it (grin). The Geese put up a brave front and hiss and spit sometimes, but it's usually for the benefit of the other geese, or gulls, or ducks, or whatever comes over when there's free chow to be had. The best behaved birds of the bunch were the baby geese.

The location is just off the Ottawa river parkway west of Parkdale near Statcan were I work.

If you go, bring food!

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