Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spongebob ate my Ipod

Yesterday after I picked up my kids from daycare, I was getting out of the car as I do every weekday, one kid's backpack over one shoulder, my bag and the other kid's in one hand, groceries or something else in the other hand, Ipod in my teeth, etc. A typically normal day. Only this day I got creative.

My eldest's backpack is a sporty Spongebob number, with a handy see-through cargo netting pocket on the front. I swung it into place, unclenched my teeth and let my ipod in it's body glove sheath fall into the fresh-air cargo pocket to free up my teeth to hold my front house key (I have a system). This is the first time I've done it and I was thinking of adding it full-time into the rotation! It's handy! (un-handy actually, sorta.. teethy).

But today I understand what a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD idea it actually was. You see, this morning I didn't need my Ipod. I had volunteered at my youngest's daycare to go visit a hobby farm on the Quebec side. So I wasn't grabbing Mr Ipod this morning to listen to some Yngwie. or that latest Lee Child audio book in the car, which was a good thing - 'cause Mr 30GB Ipod Photo went to grade 1 Glen Olglvie Public school in my kid's backpack in the cargo pocket!

About 15 minutes ago I went looking for it so I wouldn't be scrambling around in the morning and it wasn't where I ussually leave it. I took a seat in the memory cinema (now in IMAX!) and retraced my steps. "Hmm, when's the last time I saw it? Hmm, getting out of the car, dropping it in the front see-through mesh pouch of Jade's backpack...."..


But I went to look for it and it was still sitting there, perfectly visible from 20 feet away! Since today was an activity day for the youngest my wife picked up Jade right after school, limiting the backpack's travel a bit. I'm not sure it would have survied the after school program...

So I was Stooooopid and now I'm a bit smarter. Normally I'd look at the positive side of a missing Ipod and think "Upgrade!" but it hurts more when it's your own damned fault.

Thank you Spongebob, for watching over my Ipod!

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