Monday, June 25, 2007

Studio Zartimus - green screen

My green screen arrived on Friday! Look out ILM! It was a pretty good deal from Image West TV on Ebay. It was the 10x10 stand and a 10x15 foot green screen that all breaks down nicely into a great kit bag. Now I can do all sorts of freaky stuff on a set and sub in whatever background I want. It looks good even on my crappy old DV one CCD vidcam. I do the keying in After Effects with the keylight plugin. I have to play with the lighting more, but the plugin lets you get away with a lot and you can mask off whatever it didn't catch.

I'll have to do some practise vids with it, like put the kids in outer space, underwater, walking up the side of the house or flying like superman. The only drawback is now I don't have any excuse to actually hit GrizzlyG with an SUV in the next Trailerpark Geocachers Bigfoot movie!

For a good idea of what you can do with a home DV screen and Adobe After Effects, check out one of my favorite sites, Andrew Kramer's Video Copilot tutorials , especially the one on basic color keying ( it's enough to make me want to go buy a plastic airsoft MP5 machine gun!).

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