Friday, June 29, 2007

The need for a new Ufo

I'm not gonna use my wife's cookware for the next time I need a UFO. Last time I used two stainless steel bowls duct-taped together hanging from fishing string on a green screen. We're going high-tech this time round after I did some poking around and found this clip on Youtube. It's not mine, I think it looks GREAT and is exactly what I need. I like that he racks the focus in and out (maybe a bit too much) to make it look real, as in, typical guy with a video camera he doesn't know how to use yet!

Check it out!

I got some Nurbs to play with!

I'm pretty sure he added some trees in Maya to let the UFO appear behind them for just a sec, and it also may explain the great reflections from said trees coming off the UFO itself.

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