Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mr Lee's cat camera - see what cats do during the day

Courtesy of Mr Lifto. Man what a cool idea. This guy (in Germany I think) put a modified digital camera on his cat and it takes a picture every two and a half minutes. He lets the cat go outside with it and then he checks it out when he gets home and posts the best photos of the day on his website. I had no idea how often cats hook up with other cats. I'm not sure if it's for cat sex or just to hang around but man, very interesting. Mr Lee the cat met other cats everywhere, under cars, in the forest, in alleys, under porches.

Check his website out!

If he wasn't in Germany I'm sure there's be pictures of him crapping in my kid's sandbox.

That gives me an idea. I should tie a camera around MY neck and take a picture every 2.5 minutes (under cars, in sewers, in trees). Maybe my next geocaching night.

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