Monday, June 04, 2007

The damned ducks!

My god. Get the fork..... The NHL gives you a gift and relieves the Ducks of it's 2nd best defenseman and the SENS don't take advantage.

The Ducks are just one goal better than the Sens game in and game out. We're done. Not gonna win a game with 4 shots on goal in a period with 3 players in back of the damn net most of the time. No one seems to want the puck.

That's one thing I remember from some old Oilers documentary during their 3rd cup run. Messier and Gretzky and everyone are sitting around some poker table discussing how goals happen and what makes a good goal-scorer and Gretzky ends the discussion by saying something like:

"I don''t care what the other team is trying to do. I want that puck. That's MY puck."

That's how the Ducks are playing. Selanne, Getslaf.. they scare the crap outta me every time they hit the line. Any one of the Senators scare the heck outta me every time they hit the offensive line. Which one is gonna cough it up this time and cause a turn-over the other way!!!!!!

I guess we have to contend ourselves with knowing the Sens made it to the final. My other favorite team, the Habs didn't even make the playoffs! (wait till next year!)

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Lifto said...

You should have swapped-out Spartacats Masterblaster with your little duck-roaster!