Friday, June 08, 2007

The sandbox - clarification

Yes, the sandbox... A clarification to my previous post entitled, "scaring the shit out of the neighbor's cat who likes to shit in my kid's sandbox". It's not really a sandbox, it's more like a small provincial park. Here's a picture of the dump truck load of sand I filled it with. It came from Petrie Island so it's pretty nice freakin sand!

It is dug to a depth of two feet all around, is surrounded by cedar posts and took me a LONG long time to excavate and get rid of the earth. I loaded 10 trailerfuls of earth and debris. My house is built over an ancient Indian airport because I found all kinds of chunks of asphalt and crap while I was doing it.

Each cedar post is 2 feet 4 inches long and has a piece of 2 foot rebar pounded into it at the bottom about 8 inches (drill hole, pound rebar, rinse and repeat ad nauseum). This is spiked into the ground with a sledge hammer then each post is nailed to it's neighbor with a 12 inch spike going sideways(it's very solid!).

Since I'm a geocacher I know lots of good places to get rid of stuff (old appliances, bodies, big piles of dirt) and I started dumping my fill at the closest Minto construction site where they were building some new houses.. That is, until a security guard pulled up after my 3rd load and told me to go away or he would call the police and charge me with illegal dumping. At the time I laughed at him because I couldn't picture the 911 operator taking his side. I kept going and told him with a straight face. "Buddy.. I own a Minto house. This is a Minto construction site. I'm basically giving them back their own FREAKING DIRT! Fuck off, call the national guard if you want, I'm gonna keep right on goin.. " And I did. He was a big fat guy crammed in the cab of this really small truck and he was eating something chocolate in bar form. He got on his radio.

When I went back again with load #4 I drove in the back way along the fence to see if he had actually called the police and sure enough, there was another security guard truck and they had parked in the entry way and were blocking my way in. I forgot about that place and went to spot #2 which was workable as long as you could empty the damned trailer out in about 10 minutes. Uggg. I did 7 loads like that...

SO that's the provincial park in our back yard. When the kids grow out of it we'll turn it into a small beach/volleyball court with a firepit!

So.. No,, I can't cover it with anything. It's very inviting. Now that you've all seen it I'm sure some of you must feel the need to come over and crap in it (maybe just Lifto!)

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Lifto said...

You mean crap in it again! I used it once during one of your famous Halloween parties. There was a line-up for the john and my house was too far away!...