Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eagle cam in British Columbia

So there's these two eagles with eggs on Hornby Island which is in the Straight of Georgia, the body of water separating the BC Mainland and Vancouver Island. Click on the picture to go to the website and watch the live feed (funny, I loooked at it from Ottawa at 11:30 and there was light but I just checked at 12:24am and it's totally dark - there's like 3 hours time difference). There's not much info on the page about what you're looking at but the forums are full of info, and so is the FAQ. From what I can gather there's 100 meters of coax cable running from a camouflaged industrial closed circuit TV into this guy's house where it is tweaked and broadcast onto the net. The eggs are supposed to hatch around the 26th of May from what I gather (although I may be wrong, keep watching)

Very cool!

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