Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Night caching -

So being GPS-less myself, Kyle led the way with his Garmin Gecko and we tried a really hard multi out in Rockland called "Cachers of the Lost Ark" We got pretty far until we hit a snag in the cache-setup which had us smack dab in the middle of somebody's backyard. Not wanting to look like we were doing B&E's we vowed to come back and finish it off another day.
At midnight on the way home we hit a night one called (oddly enough) Orleans at night which featured 'fire-tacks' those little pyramid shaped reflectors that shine back at you when you hit them with a flashlight but are very hard to see during the day. It led us to an Island (sorta, once we figured out how to get onto it) and we saw a Beaver in the creek. It bugged out when we hit it with the spotlight and as we were packing up the geocache I thought I heard it again but it turned out to be some guy taking a walk instead. He was on the other side of the water and we were on the island and we had a short talk about the whole geocaching thing from a distance and then he invited us to a fire he was gonna make out by the river on the hill. We declined (cause it was weird, but hey, he seemed nice enough, still, so did Jeffrey Dalhmer)..
We saw a deer on the way to the next cache and discovered the coolest fallen log bridge I've seen in a long time. I have to use this as a film location this year, it's just TOO cool (see pic above).

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