Friday, May 26, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

I saw MI-3 tonight after doing a little geocaching. Even though Tom Cruise is a Scientologist %?*$# whose well-known devotion to the ridiculous cult has made news of late (his poor wife, but Duh! read up on what your future husband is into and don't be surprised by the silent birth crap, the ridiculous concoction they want the baby to eat, and the 24 hour a day Brainwashing culties watching your every move), despite that stuff, Damn but MI-3 is a great movie!. Non-stop action, not one good place to get up and go pee in the whole movie!

So, keep up the good movies Tom, War of the Worlds was great too! But lay off the Scientology Crap why don't ya.

Ever read about them? I was surprised to find out on A&E (it was cult week) that the Church of Scientology bought the 1-800 number for cults in the united states. They'll give you the scoop on the Moonies and the Hari Krishnas and the Johovas Witnesses and the Church of the Purple Monkey-whatever, but ask about Scientology? "Oh, that's not a cult, it's a modern religion. Would you like to hear more about it?" Holy Crap that's scary.

And read a little bit about Lisa McPherson . I've read a few of Hubbards fiction books as a kid (Battlefield Earth was my favorite, but then I didn't know the evil aliens, Psyclos were a play on the word psychologist or psychiatrist')) and some of them are great reads, but who would follow uhh, Stephen King if he started up his own religion? Like, what is he qualified to do? Would you let your baby eat crap some old fart (with no pediatric training) came up with because he thinks breastfeeding is evil?(if it was good enough for cavemen, then it's good enough for me, and it's probably better than the milk I drink every day, that was meant for baby cows. Maybe we should all be drinking breastmilk.)

They're scary people with a screwed up ideology and I've got no idea why hollywood actors flock to it like files to crap.


gwilliker said...

hell ya.

i don't drink milk and have always talked about the "baby cows" theory. that's not why i don't drink just gives me a lot of snot that i don't need.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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