Friday, May 05, 2006

GPS-less for a few days - Garmin 60Cx

I'm GPS-less for a few days(sigh). I feel uhh, incapable of navigation. I better not go anywhere new this weekend or I'll get lost(grin). I sold my GPSMAP 60C and ordered it's upgrade the 60Cx from GPS Central in Calgary along with a 1GB MicroSD transflash card, cause in addition to the improved satellite reception, it takes expandable memory cards so you can fill it up with map info. Tigerdirect had these cards on for $60 and GPS Central Priced matched so that saved $30.. The old 60C had 56MB internal storage. So from 56MB to like 1024MB. Dat's a lot of maps!

I said I wasn't gonna do this, but, techno-slut that I am.. Couldn't help it... I spend hours standing still in the forest getting eaten alive by mosquitoes holding the GPS up to the sky averaging coords, pointing the thing at different angles trying to get as many birds talking at once.. If this thing saves me from doing that, then it is money well spent!

And it's not that the 60C is all that bad! It's a question of cover.. In an open area it's gonna be about the same but under snow-covered trees or in a downpour... I'll be set!!

When I was downloading my waypoints to give it to the new owner empty (I had lots of sexy geo-waypoints in there! Sleepless, One-time pad, bla bla bla..) I thought I should put some fake ones in, like DEADBODY1, VICTIM3, GRAVE17, hehehehehe. But uhh.. I didn't..

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kirok said...

Ok, that's just creepy! GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!

I had not checked your blog for a few days, and what's staring me in the face today is a story of EXACTLY what I just did yesterday! I have not sold my old 60cs yet, but the new 60csx is on it's way, also with the 1GB microSD card ($69.95 - oh well). I wanted to do it ever since the discussion at GAG, so my business broke down and bought it for me.

I also threw in the new City Navigator 7 software, as I was tired of Metroguide telling me to turn right at the river, or turn left on "trail" but there's a building in the way.

The nice thing about the microSD card is that it also fits into my mp3 enabled celphone. I wonder what my phone will think of the maps, or what the 60csx will think of MP3s? Stay tuned. ;-)

The big bonus part of all this, is that the 60csx looks exactly the same as my current 60cs, so the wife will never know. :-D

Now I need to find some poor sap to unload my 60cs onto.