Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gloucester Fair

Hit the Gloucester Fair on Saturday. Ahh, the twin magical smells of Sawdust and vomit!. The Carney folk who I used to be scared of as a child were of a slightly different sort. Younger and not sporting as much ink as in the past. I always found it to be a long-standing tradition that the guy with the mullet (I shouldn't talk) in a race with his 'co-worker' locking down the safety bar on your ride always had an inverse ratio of number of teeth to tatooes.
We got two 'ride till you puke' passes and spend the afternoon doing just that. We went on everything a 5 year old could ride on except that drop zone one I was pretty sure she wouln't enjoy. Although in hindsight I should have let her try it, she may have been ok. We ran into a school freind of hers who had just come off that ride and it was not a positive experience. That's the one on the right where they take you up quite a few stories and then drop you to the ground like the elevator cable just gave way.
The bumper cars were fun as well as the stock Ferris wheel. I tried to explain to my kid that instead of paying $50 to play several games and win a $5 stuffed animal, we could just go to Toys R Us and buy one next time.
The other patrons were all interesting. Man there are a lot of uhh.. Interesting folks that go to this fair. Fashion statements that should never be attempted, even by professionals. I'm on the Atkins diet this week again, doing my Project Ketosis thing for summer and man, a lot of people at this place could use a week or two (or 96) on this.

Still, a fun way to spend an afternoon. It was at the Rideau Carleton Raceway with free parking. If you were gambling, you got the good parking. If you were a fair-goer, you got to park far away and walk! Funny that...

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