Monday, May 29, 2006

Perils of rain and a sunroof

I hardly ever drive our Honda CRV. Instead I'm self-regulated to our 1993 shitbox Honda civic whose engine is slowly outlasting it's body as it has rust growing in all the regular places I see on other shitbox 1993 civics. My wife drives the nice one because she used to pick up the kids and it was safer for the kids and the kids should be in the new one and the kids kids...hehehehe You get it.. The kids. So now we split the duty, she's morning drop-off and I'm afternoon pick up, and it's all good. I like the crappy car. At least I have nothing to worry about should I scrape something or get in a fender bender.

So on Sunday, I went somewhere, and took the new truck. WooooHoooo! Air conditioning! CD player! SUNROOF! I opened it up. And because I never drive the darn thing, I left the sunroof open over night. The next day I got up early, noticed the wet pavement (Hmm, it rained..) climbed into my shitbox car and went to work. And got a call two hours later from my wife to inform me when I leave the sunroof open like that, and it rains, the seats get all wet and any objects that touch the seat while you're driving (like your butt) gets this wet stuff transferred to it through clothing absorbsion and it's never good to go to work with a wet butt.

"You can blog that.." she said..

"Okay!" I said..

Sorry!! My BAD!

P.S. the picture of our Honda Civic is from a geocache I did one winter at midnight. When I came back some punk-ass kids had chucked their MacDonald crap all over the side of my car in the NCC parking lot like the self-absorbed spoiled punk-ass stupid little pricks in Daddy's car most kids like that are.
I was glad they were able to restrain themselves from busting my windshield though. Probably because it was like 25 below. Gee THANK YOU KIDS!

My wife uses this as an excellent reason for me not to geocache with the Honda SUV - unless I have the kids! heheheheheheh!

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