Monday, May 01, 2006

Goldfish CPR.

So on Saturday my wife cleaned my five year old's fishtank.. While it's being cleaned the two fish sit in some other bowl of water. On Sunday she put it back together and filled it, put the pumping thing on top (it didn't work) and then told me to see if I could fix it while she went out to run an errand. So I look at the thing, and see that it's not getting any suction, so I fill the tank up more and fully submerge it and it just starts to work. Good stuff!
It was at this time that I noticed that one of the fish in the temporary(vacation) bowl wasn't doing so well. From what I hear, when they swim sideways towards the bottom and then float back up to the top - that's bad. It was the bigger one too (the one that eats like a pig). It's name is Ruby (I don't know if it is male or female and I respect Ruby's privacy)... SO I plunked it in the real tank, where the pump is going, oxygenating the water, etc.. and it just floats to the top again.. This is gonna be bad. The last dead fish was very traumatic and I don't have time to get a replacement!

So I gave it fish CPR. It's like this. It was not moving when I scooped it out of the other bowl but when it was out of the water, it gave a little flip and moved a bit more when I plunked him in the big tank.. Then he floated again.. SO I scooped him in the net thingie and took him out into the air again and this time he really didn't like it (or she.. we just don't know) and he started flipping some more.. Back in the bowl.. A little bit livelier.. One more time.. Now the fish was real pissed off.. So I put it back, I fed it, and it stopped the sideways swimming`floating and came back to life..

Hah! I guess it's kind of like waking someone up by sticking their head into the toilet...

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