Saturday, April 29, 2006

GAG8 dinner, Bullwhips & Indy talk...

We had the big geocaching roundup dinner at Uncle Louis again this year. Great Pizza! And they had the hockey game on so we could watch Ottawa thump Tampa Bay. Got to meet quite a few new folks and had the chance to place some names with some faces.
Funniest conversations started when the placed cleared out near the end and we all traded bad stories of bad places you go to when you're male, young and stupid.. (grin).

About mid evening I noticed I was sitting beside a guy with an Indiana Jones fedora (it took awhile to notice, they are cool hats and kind of blend for me). He was a freind of Kirok's, who incidentally grew up watching the same cartoons and TV shows as me and gets any references that I occasionally blurt out. As I was talking to the guy with the cool hat, I noticed he was also wearing the kahki shirt from "Temple of Doom".. I Check the pants.. Man, those are Indiana Jones pants.. I'm pretty sure the boots were those ones from Alden in England (also used in the movie) but I never checked, and heck, there was a brown leather "Indy" jacket folded over the chair.
How cool is that! YEARS ago I stumbled acros the motherload of Indy fan sites, INDYGEAR.COM and I had read up on the movie costuming and props there. I own a great prop book on the Lucasarts movies, from Star Wars to Raiders and it's great to get all the gritty detail.

And since I make bullwhips (outdoor whipcracker only folks, none of the kinky bedroom stuff) and used to be a member of the Australian Plaiters guild (Kangaroo is the best thonging leather there is, I still have about 10 hides at home stinking up the closet) of course we talked about the David Morgan 12 strand bull (my how his prices have gone up!). I own a 10 footer he made in 2000 (paid about $500 US for it then). Back in the late 90's I exchanged a ton of emails with Morgan about his whip construction. He was in his late 70's back then, and he's still makin' em!

It reminded me of the time I dressed up in psuedo Indy gear for Hook's Indy-themed Geocache "Indy lost his watch" Man.. I gotta get me one of those hats.. The whole reason I wore a brown Tilley hat for years was because I liked the Indy Fedora, but didn't want something as recognizable(grin).

Can't wait for the 4th Indy movie!!

And the next GAG!

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