Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Dad's retirement

My Dad officially retired the other day, age 60 after 39 years on the Ottawa FireDepartment. He started in 1967. They had a shin-dig for him downtown where hundreds of firefighters on the off shifts showed up to drink beer and shake his hand. They gave him a nice leather jacket that he can pick out an OFD crest for as well as something else he wanted, one of those patio swing chair things. To present it to them, they got these two 7 foot (looked like) fire fighters (one of them is nicknamed Shrek) to unveil it and then they escorted my Dad into the swing chair between them(grin). I took a small video (right click and select Save Target as, 16mb, 8 min). I was going to do up a funny power point presentation but they told me that Firefighter's attention spans are not that long and they just wanted a few words and that was it. I collected a pile of photos and put them on two boards in a collage. Some pretty funny stuff, and some of the cooler ones like him and Condoleeza Rice etc.

I retire in 2024. WooHoo!

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