Thursday, March 02, 2006

Canadian tourists murdered in Mexico.

I went down to Mexico on the Mayan coast in 2000. Nice place. But getting Mexican Police officials to investigate an international murder is kinda like hiring Michael Jackson as your nanny. So this couple from Ontario goes down to Mexico to attend their daughter's wedding and they are found dead in their hotel room, throats slashed, the day after the rehearsal. Interesting how Mexican authorities fingered two single mothers from Thunder Bay staying at the same resort as the alleged throat slashers. Apparently a trail of blood in the hallway led police in that direction. We'll never know because hotel staff cleaned the whole mess up so as not to alarm the other tourists. In any case these suspected throat flayers were able to leave on time the next day oblivious to the whole affair because on that first day police thought it was an organized crime hit.

It's laughable at how quickly Mexican police determined from the start that the crimes were committed by someone from outside the country, most likely Canada. They don't know shit and they just started contacting the RCMP a few days ago. Yeah we're a nation of throat slashers we are.

A year ago, another Ontario man, Shawn Potts, 23 (a kid really) drowned in Cancun on spring break. Official cause of death from Mexican Authorities after they do an autopsy- Drowning.. Yet, when his body gets back here to Canada, it's missing a ton of blood. Cause of death, blood loss? From what? Hello??

Ridiculous. A colleuge at work had a family member who rented a car in Cancun years ago, only to have it stolen the same day. They called police who told them exactly how much it would cost to have the car delivered back to them(kinda like getting fined for getting your truck stolen). When they got back home a police freind told them that the Mexican cops split this fee with the car thief (most cases affiliated with the actual rental company with a spare key and everything).

I hope tourism takes a hit. Appently Canadians spent $791 million in that country in 2004. If I ever go back to Mexico(not bloody likely), I'm not setting foot off the damned resort, and if i do, it's gonna be on a tourist bus.

Pissant country.. I wonder if the daughter will ever get married? Man....


Anonymous said...

I think you have no idea what are you talking about. Off course there are trouble there, however there are the same problems in Toronto area where the police is even worst that mexicans.
Everybody knows in our neighborhood (Ontario) that this family was since lontg ago in dirty real state buddy you are so dumb to see the problem here....why do you think our goverment in Ottawa is doing nothing?
Dont be stupid, So you think our police here is infinity superior to south of the border?....Did you know that they fight close to 2000 drug relative operations every year (remember, you idiot that all latinoamerican countries need to pass their drug for Mexico to satisfy Canada and US market)...while police in toronto...see a guy shooting people in streets with hundred of wtnesses and they need to ask help from US?...are you following? Mexico there are almost 5 million turist per year....there are most people killed in Nightclubs in Quebec than in Mexicos Riviera Maya.....dont be riduculous when you try to looks smart with you posting......see ya'

I love my vacations in Mexico, and remember if you fuck with the mobs at Toronto sooner o later, they are going to catch Mexico or wherever....bye bye

Zartimus said...

My gawd, someone actually read my blog!!! THANK YOU!!!

But seriously Anonymous, do you really think a Canadian team of machete wielding professional hit women from Thunder Bay are responsible for this? As soon as this thing went down Mexican police held a news conference and stated that contract killers and international crime was the reason these two people got their throats slashed. This hypothesis was presented without forensics or other evidence of any kind. They have to protect tourism at all costs, because that's all the country has going for it. Then the shit hits the fan, the case attracts way more attention than they thought, people start asking obvious questions and so they backtrack and change their story. How they know those responsible are Canadian is beyond me. I smell a diversinary tactic while they try to come up with a better story when they should be looking at who actually did it. The way I figure it, they know as much about it as we do. Which is Nada,

I'll take our police force over theirs any day of the week.

I still say it's a pissant country. My criteria for saying so stems from the amount of folks that try and escape it every year to go to the US or Canada. If everyone is trying to leave, there's probably a good reason - it sucks.

Anonymous said...

I guess is also why 623 deaths by gun fire in Toronto area in 2005 and less than 1% resolve crimes (that make our police superior force). Also is why soooooo many canadians go crossing the border south of the border to work in US, not only nurses and factories. Beside that at least give some credit to the fellows they are trying to do something with this crime., wherever happen later with the results of the crime doesnt matter. I still believe that Police in Canada is not a much better that 'Federal" Police in Mexico, the pictures in you blog are police from Banks pretty much the equivalent of Security guys in the Malls of the Canada. As in Norway they usually say "Canada is like US but poor", dont worry about our superiority in investigations. P.Martin steal 300 million dollars and we need to watch TV to see if the guy lose his power, but nobody process or say something about it...just because we were born rich from England dont mean that we have superior army or police...Canada Army sucks baddly..our police a little bit too....One mob guy executed in his own bed in Mayan Riviera distract a country with a lot more issues....So who cares about this fellow, anyway Toronto still sending 100,000 tourist to this part of Mexico.
By the way we get good money in Canada if we are professional people, however we have by population the equivalent of poor people in Colombia, but our number are so make up that still believe we are inside the select group of the 8 most developed couuntries in the world...jejejjeje....common buddy....weak up! see you real Canada, we have a pretty country with nice services (Except our fucking Health system that is worst than Mexico) leave Mexico because they are trying to get the more possible mooney in the shortest time (as thousand canadians do everyday too!)...and why half sudamerica is moving to that bad?....i guess no....So may be you next vacations dont go to a Mexican Beach because sucks...go to the safest and cleanest cities in Canada....say Toronto? Calgary? Hamilton? Halifax? with the Newfie's?..Montreal?...Vancouver? surprise!...they have a lot more crimes than Mayan Riviera.....jejejeje.....superiority....get a coffee bro.....

Zartimus said...

OK.. I guess I'll go get that coffee... now....

By it's own admission, Mexico is a developing country. You ever see those little homeless kids in the streets running around like packs of wild dogs? They get shot and no body cares. Like other developing nations they have a huge population of working children under the age of 15 and you cen bet they don't get unionized coffee breaks.

It is a shitty country and I think you should move there.

As far as canadian crime stats, it's worse than you think. 66% of crimes go unreported according to Statistics Canada. And if they happen in Canada, and are reported to the police, then people like you and me can read about them. Apparently our territories are not the best places when it comes to abiding by the law. I have freinds in Nunivat that can attest to that. As for Toronto, I don't know why so many black guys shoot other black guys in the head. It's pretty stupid if you ask me. They're starting to act like some places in the US.

Anonymous said...

Nice discussion Zartimus, I am white yuppy furtunately and i think to finish this episode about the greatness of Canada. Is sad to see like you, that think like white suprem-race guys from the 60's in the deep south US. Give some respect to the people who works harder than you, common..........end.

Zartimus said...

Yeah, (/Sarcasm ON)I'm president of my local chapter of the Aryian nation (/Sarcasm OFF).. Please..

I don't care if you're white, yellow, brown or black. I draw the line at blue though. If you're blue, I got no time for ya.. Unless you're choking on a ham sandwich. Then I'd probably help ya..

I'm with ya, time to end this ramble. I agree to disagree. When are you moving to Mexico?