Friday, March 10, 2006

The DNA of Dog Dirt

Apparently in Vienna a local polititian has a novel idea to control the city's rampant dog shit problem. Doggie DNA! The plan is to have each dog DNA sampled when it gets licensed and when a steaming dog turd is found on your lawn, you can call the city's CSI techs to come down to your place, DNA-type the puppy poop and look up the proper owner and fine his lazy ass!!!!

I don't know how much it costs, but it's worth it, they need to get it here in Ottawa for all NCC hiking trails where people let their dogs make all over the place. If they find some turds for which there is no matching DNA record sample it will go into a system whereby, if they ever find the dog, an extra fine is levied for having an un-registered pet.

The picture of the turd on the lawn was one I made myself (it's digital, I didn't really make it myself 'that way', besides there's snow on the ground right now..) using the online Virtual dog shit creator!.

DNA typing wasn't needed for this woman in Korea whom they call gae-ttong-nyue (the dogshit girl). Aparrently her little Pug crapped on a subway train and when she didn't do anything, people started to freak and told her to clean it up, to which she apparently said. "&%$#*&^ OFF!!". So a guy started snapping pictures and the whole country is mad at her so she's as famous as the Star Wars kid over there but for dog shit instead of light sabers.

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