Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Brother's saltwater fish tank...

He works at one of those fish stores, where every employee is the store's best customer.. He has managed to get himself an amazing saltwater tank and collection of fish and other 'stuff'. The wierdest thing in there is something he calls "The Claw". It's some sort of crabby thing that has just said "To hell with this walking around with a shell on my back thing, I'm just gonna crawl into this little hole in the coral that I can barely fit, and just live in it and wave my one claw around outside the hole for food".

Which is what it does, whatever it is. While the other crabby things are RV'ing it, this guy's staying put. Funny thing is, he gets more food than the others. Everyone in the house goes out of their way to feed "The Claw" and it's gonna get so fat, it's gonne be stuck in there soon. The first time he showed me it was kinda like
"Watch this," and he dropped some shrimp guts down into the crevasse of the coral and man, this mid-sized claw came shooting out of a hole and grabbed it and pulled it in... Freaky... It's going to mutate in there and come out as something else, you watch. Crabs don't seem to like being naked...

He's got a few starfish (that move way faster than I thought they could) that just kinda hang around. When it's feedi
ng time, if one is sucking high up on the glass of the tank, it'll kinda start to drop itself off and head towards the bottom of the tank. Sometimes they do a freefall. I don't even know how they know it's feeding time, but when food enters the tank, the fish rip into it and whatever they miss falls to the bottom and the starfish crawl around it to eat.

He's got a few Clown fish and he has an anemone that the bigger clown fish gets fresh with all the time.. I guess he likes getting stung, or he's building up a resistance to it. He also chases the other fish away from it.

You can sit and stare at this thing like it's the TV....

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