Saturday, March 04, 2006

Green's Creek Toboggan Hill.

Went tobogganing on Saturday at Green's Creek Hill . It was a blast even though I only noticed the big sign that said it was closed because of too much ice until it was almost time to go home. You don't go as fast as you might think. I brought my GPS along and clocked my 50 pound 5 year old and me, 205 pounds for a total of 255 doing a top speed of 31.8KM per hour. I go faster down a steep hill on a bike.


Most people don't know
that there are railway footings from an abandoned train bridge from the 1920's just West of the hill. Hardly anyone goes down there, except teens for the odd bush party. It looks like stonehendge down there. Here are a few pics.. The link for the train bridge links to a local webpage of train stuff in Ottawa. Facinating...

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