Thursday, March 16, 2006

Childhood story #15 - Chicken Pox

Recalled this one today at break. I was 5 or 6 and I had a foster sister around the same age. We'll call her 'Telula'(not her real name). Her father had shot someone in front of her so she had suddenly became a ward of the Children's Aid and we were taking care of her. She came with Chicken Pox which I soon got.
So on Saturday morning my friend Gordie(his real name) calls on me. Rings the doorbell. I answer through the screen door but do not open it..
"Can you come out and play?" Gordie sez..
"Nope" I said..
"Why not?" he asks.
"Because I got the Chicken Pox.." I told him. At this time 'Telula' had wandered over to the front screen door.
"What's the chicken Pox?" Gordie asks. Then 'Telula' takes over..
She elbows me out of the way and stands in front of the screen door
"THIS IS THE CHICKEN POX!!!! SEE????" and proceeds to hike her nightie up to her neck because she has a chicken pox scab on her belly. She wasn't wearing any underwear.
Gordie is shocked and goes "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!" and runs home.. I think nothing of it and go back to my comic books.

Minutes later we get a phone call. Gordie's mom is on the phone. She is furious and she wants answers!
"What the hell did your son tell my Gordie!" She wants to know.
"I have no idea.." My Mom says. She calls me over "What did you tell Gordie?"
"I told him I couldn't come out and play 'cause I had the Chicken Pox.."
Gordie's Mom does not buy this. But hey, it's true.. I go back to my comic books..
"What's the matter with Gordie exactly?" My Mom asks, trying to figure out what's up..
"He says he never wants to play with your son ever again!"
My Mom is kinda shocked..
"Why not?" she asks..

"Because he's convinced his birdie is going to fall off!!"

Ya see, Gordie didn't have any sisters and he figured everyone had a 'birdie' and if Telula had Chicken Pox and didn't have a birdie then it must have fallen off as a result of the Pox or something.. Kid logic.. Makes perfect sense if you think about it.... hehehehehehehehe. I actually ran into him at a party or something when he we were like, 22. I hadn't seen him for like 12 years, and I told that story.

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