Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March Madness - Trapped in a tunnel

Took my 5 year old to the Museum of Science & Technology today. It's March break, the city has been taken over by school kids. Everything is packed and not as much fun due to the sheer volume of kids stuffed into every children's entertainment venue in the city like WW2 soldiers on a 3-day pass. Whenever we go to the S&T museum my kid always wants to go to the NORTEL CONNEXIONS packet routing thing, where they have these big fiber optic tunnels hanging from the ceiling that you can run though pretending to be a network packet (except the packets are really hyperactive kids) .
They have these big plastic corkscrewing tube slides up there on the 2nd story that you can slide down (in complete darkness) to get to the 1st story displays. That's all my kid wants to do, run up the stairs, tear through the tunnels (which are actually pretty cool and would look like the set of Aliens with a little help from a smoke machine) and dive down one of the two corkscrew tube slides. When she does this I follow her because otherwise, you'd lose your kid pretty fast.
On our last trip down this rabbit hole this very hefty lady in front of us was contemplating whether or not she wanted to go down this thing. I estimate that she was about 50 pounds shy of outweighing me by twice my own weight( of 205 pounds). Well, bless her, she gave it a shot! (those tunnels are HUGE!) and my daughter went in after her, I went in after my daughter and some other girl related to the first lady and well on her way to equaling her in size and weight in a few years went after me.
We got stuck... Well, I didn't get stuck.. The lady in front of us got stuck.. It was only for a minute.. In the dark.. With piles of kids slamming into us from topside... Not pretty...

She got herself unstuck... Took another minute to crawl out of the bottom, and she vowed never to go in there again.. Well.. At least she tried.. Next time we're taking another tunnel..

Also. If you are a single man, looking to meet single women.. Grab a niece or nephew and go to the museum of S&T during March break. Almost no fathers taking time off with their kids.. I've never seen so many women, with multiple kids 2 years or less in age apart, at this place. Waiting in line with them, listening to stories about shared custody and deadbeat husbands, uhh.. There ya go..

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