Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jolie or Anison?

I caught the new Clive Owen/Jennifer Anison flick Derailed yesterday. Not a bad movie (a tad predictable). Kinda a "How not to start an affair" movie (like don't do it in the first place or if you do, don't go cheap on the hotel room in a bad part of town!). Which was the subject of our break discussion today. If you were Brad Pitt, which women would you prefer. I'm in the Anison camp. Jolie is beautiful, but a bit too freaky, plus she was married to Billy Bob Thorton and carried his blood in a vial around her neck (at this point The Ciminator said something like "Stop!! building her up like that! I can't take it!"). While Aniton is that cute girl from the Leprechaun movie and Friends..

Eddie the Eagle tried to sum it up. He said:
"Picture either of them in bed, about to have sex with you. Jennifer Anison would be like "Ouch, you're on my hair, your feet are cold, clip your toenails!"

while Angela Jolie would be like..

"Get over here and &^%$* the *%&$ out of me! NOW!!"

So.. Take your pick he says..

But what does he know?

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Dem Soldier said...

Jolie does it for me...