Thursday, March 30, 2006

Robin! To the Pot Cave!

Someone sent me this last week, and I didn't have time to look at it. Got it again today, gave it a look and Woohoo! Ain't it neat! So there's this nice little house in Trousdale county Tennessee and as it turns out, it's sitting over a cave that the owners have turned into a pretty sophisticated underground marijuana growing facility (here's a PDF).

The place had everything! They had spliced into the county power lines and were keeping the 1000 or so plants at a steady 87 degrees. They had living quarters down there, offices, etc. They entered through some secret door in the garage which fronted a huge hydraulic door(it looks like a bank safe for *&$%? sake). This led down a concrete ramp into pot central.. A full-on irrigation system for care and feeding.. A real multi-million dollar operation. This beats the guy with 10 plants out in the bushes any day of the week!

The best part was the escape hatch which featured a tunnel up into the backyard that was covered by another hydraulic hatch with a huge landscaping rock on top of it.

I'd love something like that setup under my house, but I wouldn't use it to grow pot.(grin)

I'd use it to house my bat-mobile.

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