Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hook told me his uncle was using this cool, FREE, internet app to do secure VPN peer to peer stuff. I finally got the name of it today and can't wait to try it out! Hamachi, from what I gather, you set up, make a network name and it turns your Internet connection into a private 16 person LAN for you and your buddies to connect to shares and swap files, play multiplayer games in a LAN mode (no more TOTS!!!!) etc.

I'm gonna give it a go with some buddies sometime and see how it works.

More on this later. Meanwhile, if you're reading this and we've shot each other up in a hail of digital bullets, or cut each other in half with lightsabers, DL it and get it installed!

Let's try Call of Duty 2! And maybe some Battlefield 2 while we're at it!


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