Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Queensway fun, twice in one day.

Got home late today, the Queensway was a mess, thank god for the Ipod or the ride home would have been unbearable, and I must say John Mayer is one hell of a singer/songwriter. Picked up my kids, gawked at the new Puffer fish (I gave it a dirty look. It strongly resembled the Rockfish that stung me in Aruba) , and headed home to make supper when I got the call.

My wife had run out of gas, on the Queensway. Ack! I stopped cooking, bundled the kids up, got the gas can outta the garage (thank god it was full, I can't siphon without getting a mouthful of gas), and away we went. I pulled up behind my dead Truck 10 minutes later but my wife made me move the car in front of it. Ever since that OC Transpo bus plowed into that stalled car a few years back, everyone's kinda careful when parking on the shoulder these days.

I pushed the truck over to the side more so I didn't have to fill the tank standing in the right traffic lane, and we were all soon underway!

The good thing about this gas rescue is that we changed dinner plans to a fast food joint. Woohoo!

I ran out of gas once in 1989. Never again... Respect the "E"....

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe you blogged me, it's like being a goalie for the NHL went you screw up everyone knows it...