Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Star Wars Kid - revisted

Speaking of the Star Wars kid, who I'm proud to say is Canadian, and may be old news to most, I took the oppertunity to rewatch the video that made me bust a gut 2 or 3 years ago. What really gets me though, is how much I was able to relate. That could be me! I don't own a golf-ball retriever, but I do own 2 light sabers! The kid's enthusiam is infectious. I'm gonna go make a light saber video right now!!
What else is really great about the vid is that some folks have jazzed it up and put out versions with light saber visual and sound effects in there. Like it was meant to be! So the alternate versions are also worth a look (check them out here!). It's too bad the petition to get him into Episode III fell flat. Maybe he'll get a chance in the TV projects Lucas has said he's gonna do!

May the force be with you Ghyslain!

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