Monday, April 03, 2006

The Godfather on Xbox

I'm playing "The Godfather" for Xbox these days. Very cool. You run around New York convincing business that they need protection by breaking their stuff and roughing them up til they agree to pay. You play a periheral character in the story but they include him in all the major scenes of the movie, like when the godfather get's shot, etc. so it replays quite a bit of that great storyline. They do a great job on all the Corleone family members. The streets where everything takes place are right out of real life and you can recognize several scenes from the movie.

The best part has to be the hand to hand combat. They really do a good job with the interface and you can slam people up against things, toss them around, etc.. All in a day's work for a wiseguy.

Check it out!

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