Friday, June 30, 2006

'Air Tap' by Erik Mongrain on Youtube Man. I could spend all day there. I was looking for some Preston Reed video stuff (I'm slogging through a few tunes of his, like 'Slap Bass' and wanted to get a look at his left hand over the neck percussion technique) and I found this guy Erik Mongrain from Montreal, Quebec. He plays it like a Dobro, with the guitar on it's back, but man, his tapping and popping and penchant for persnickety yet tasty rhythms is superb. I'll have to check out his website later. Here is a song he calls Airtap.

As far as a composition, it sounds like an improv piece that's never played the same twice, and he's almost playing guitar harmonic bongos or something like that. It really strikes me better when I see him playing it, than if I was to just hear it. Still, very neat!

BTW I did find the odd Preston video, here's one of him doing 'Tribes'.

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Tripper said...

FYI... video no longer available. We'll just have to take your word on how cool it was.