Friday, June 16, 2006

Fathers day & The Weekend

Well. Decided to brick my front walkway this weekend in 30C weather. Jack is not a smart boy sometimes. I got the skinny on the fact that Builder's Warehouse (right down the road from me) will give you a trailer for like one cent (must be a contract thing) and then fill it with crushed stone for you with a Bobcat. You have 2 hours to shovel it out, sweep up and bring it back, so Whammo! Off I went. My old neighbor used to go there, buy a piece of wood, claim he needed a trailer, and then go off and get the crushed stone from some quarry where it's cheaper(grin), but I couldn't be bothered. Two bucketfulls was enough.

I shoveled the gravel out of the trailer and realized that I was gonna need a Wheelbarrow. I don't own one because I have several neighbors who do, and the only one who was home that had one had it in their backyard. He had also just filled his garage to the ceiling with 'stuff' so he had to throw it to me over the back fence(grin). That was fun!

I excavated it a bit Friday night, then filled it and tamped it Saturday after hitting the Museum of Science & Tech that morning, then stone dust leveled and brushed and swept it in by Sunday. Then it was off to my parent's house for a swim. The pool was 89F(I don't know exactly what that is, but it's like a bathtub).

Happy father's day to me. I ache all over. But at least it's finished!
When I got to my parent's house my brother had a friend over for a swim. She had brought a few suitcases. You know what that means? My parents have a new houseguest(grin).

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