Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Patterson-Gimlin Footage on YouTube

Man, see what I mean! Coolness! I'm chucking Trailerpark Geocachers Meet Bigfoot up there soon! René Dahinden is turning in his grave! (he owned the rights to the footage). Look for the torso swing head-turn where Patty's (that's her name, check out the hairy boobs) lower jaw runs into her chest and she has to swing her shoulders around to look back at Roger Patterson. Unlikely that a suited person would do that. The rambling gait is very non-human as well, the knocked kneed shuffle we see there. The pronounced line down the back so prominant in silverback gorillas can be seen, the footage is probably too bad to see the herniated thiegh buldge though. This freaked me out when I saw it in the 1970's and made me a firm believer in the possibility of a great hairy biped out there in the woods. Someone's gotta be makin all those prints. I have a casting copy from the very site you see there (Bluff Creek) hanging on my wall as I write this.. (grin).

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