Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Birthday surprise

We went out to Boston Pizza tonight (my daughter's favorite place to eat due to the kewl kids menu) to celebrate my birthday. It was great! We generally don't do the singing waiter bit, where they pull the staff together and sing at your table and make a big fuss. We were finished and waiting for the cheque and the kids were restless so I told my wife I'd take them outside while she waited for the bill. As I took them out my eldest daughter ran up to the waitress and was talking to her (it was cute because the girl bent down to her level and they had this little conversation, I was far away and didn't know what it was about), but then she was right out the door of the place, eager to do a few laps around the building. We did two and then she immediately wanted to go back inside again, which I said no to, because I figured my wife would be out any second and we could keep the craziness to a minimum by staying outside.
She, uhh, didn't hear me (er...) and went right back in the restaurant so I ran in after her, carrying our youngest and I ran smack into a gaggle of serving staff, and the lead one was carrying this ice-cream birthday chocolate brownie thing. And as I'm standing there, sort of close to the table we had, they start singing... And they get halfway into it and ask "What's your name?" and I said, "I don't think this is for me". And they stopped and look puzzled.
"Is it your birthday today?"
"Yes" I said
"Well this is for you, your daughter told us it was your birthday today"
Da-dah de dah de dah.. So they restarted and I got the full spiel! and an excellent free dessert (that I shared with my daughter). She's a smart cookie, my kid.. My wife didn't know what was happening, she was still waiting for the bill, neither of us knew that our daughter had done that. It was a great surprise(grin)...


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