Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Houseguest and the re-disappearing Bike

I talked to her today. She thinks I don't like her. I don't dislike her, I told her it's just that I don't know her and I don't think she should be approaching my parental units to take her in like this when there are other more permanent options for her if she just "got with the program". It's kinda like she's choosing her own foster parents without checking to see if it's ok with the people she's choosing. They have enough troubles keeping the thumb on my youngest brother (who is in the "experimental stage") and she's kinda like him, and maybe worse according to the powers that be. She told me that she wasn't anything like my youngest brother and that he didn't know how good he had it here, the last part of which is true, gotta agree with her on that.

It's tough because I asked her, "What do you want?" and she says she wants to live in a 'family' environment. It's kinda sad.. Everyone should get a chance to do that and I can only hope that she had the opportunity at one time. I don't know the exact details but from what I can see, she probably starts off good at a new place, then the rules come into play, kids her age don't like them, then it's "Screw that!" off to a new place. She told me a bit about group homes and shelters and I have to agree, they don't sound great. But if you're gonna do your own thing at age 16 and tell your caregivers to stuff it.. That's where you end up.. That or on the street.. Or worse..
Thankfully I think the honeymoon period is still on at my parent's place and everyone is going to be all nice to each other for some time still while they decide what's going to happen... I hear my brother is starting to resent her hours on the Internet and hours on the phone though, it's starting to cramp his style.. I told him not to bring his semi-homeless friends home for a visit when they have their suitcases with them(grin)

Oh yeah the bike... She apparently borrowed my Dad's bike tonight to go somewhere and showed up sans bike afterwards. He asked where it was and she said something like.. She lent it to her friend who was having an anxiety attack and had to get home quick. Then she couldn't remember her friend's name or where she lived.. hehehehehe..
The funny part about this is that my youngest brother (who she says she's not like at all) did the EXACT same thing last month to my Dad's bike, riding it somewhere, giving it to a friend so he could get home for some emergency ( emergency? like what? He's gonna miss the voting on American Idol?) .. and then loosing track of it.. My dad eventually got it back after a lot of telephone work.

The other wierd part of my brother's bike story is that the reason he was using my Dad's bike in the first place is because he lent his to a friend (see a pattern here?) and the friend took the bike to school to give back to Kyle, parked it someplace (No one knows where) and then when Kyle got out of School his bike was up in a tree with the frame all bent. Pretty common eh? Lend your bike to someone, they take it to school to return it to you and uhh, I dunno, leave it leaned up against the wall or something with no lock and the next thing you know, it's in a tree.

Teenage kids these days.. No respect for property, their own or other people's.

I dunno what the hell happened to it. But the way to tell when these kids are lying to you is easy. Their mouths are open and words are coming out..

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Lifto said...

Maybe during her hours on the internet she'll stumble across the Purple Monkey Dishwasher and think "WOW, other people have problems just like me!"