Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jaws Unleashed! for Xbox

Never believe a 3.8 rating on Gamespot! Jaws is loads of fun! It's like Grand Theft Auto with a Great White shark! The controls are intuitive, the Soundtrack is John William straight outta the movie, Roy Schneider look out! This time I ain't fallin for that Scuba tank in the mouth trick!

There is a dismemberment engine that controls the physics of when you bite into things, people, fish, boats, cars, license plates, piers. It's a tad wonkey, Lifto told me he bit a shark in half and had two tails fall to each side, so apart from the odd two tailed shark (that is just wrong from the whole bathroom end of things) it does an ok job.
One of my favorite things to do is to come up underneath rubber dingies and propel the occupant several (virtual) meters in the air and eat them like popcorn before they hit the water. That and eating the Baywatch lifeguards.

Oh and eating Shamu at Seaworld was fun too!

Jaws. Rent it. Great fun!

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