Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fake Birthday & Wonder Woman

Fake Birthday today. I turn 37 on June 7th Woohoo! Cake day was Saturday, a few days before. Mid-week birthdays just don't work for everyone(grin). I lucked out! I got the Wonder Woman Boxed set, season 1-3. I've watched a few so far. Lynda Carter and her, uhh, Amazing bubble butt! (She got me through puberty, her and Col Deering on Buck Rogers in the 21st century). Carter is like 57 and still looks great!

I forgot how bad 1970's tv writing was. Lots of Nazis and cat fights in WonderWoman. And that guy she's always saving, Captain Trevor? He sucks. The US Military should have fired his ass for being captured by the enemy more times than soap stars come down with amnesia.

Check out this site with the Cheezy midi songs! I remember her hawking contacts on late night TV, and someone told me she is in that crummy Dukes of Hazzard remake.

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Tripper said...

Lynda Carter and Willie Nelson interview for "The Dukes of Hazzard".
click here to download/play video (10MB)

Check out this photo too... not bad at all.