Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Houseguest

She's gone.. On with her life, off to a more permanant solution. Good luck.. Man, kids these days..

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous said...

And the bike?


Oh yeah. The bike made it back. Apparently after some next-day cross examination she didn't even know the person she lent it to and had to call her BF who had to call his freind and identify the guy. Then track down where he lived, and go get the dang bike. Same old shit.

"Here take this thing that isn't mine and use it and then I dunno, keep it or just chuck it up in a tree after, I don't care, it's not like it's mine or anything.."

I assume the guy who took it was of the same mindset... They're like 16. What is an emergency to them? "Mom! We're out of Count Chocula!! Can I borrow your bike? And some money? screw it, can you drive me?"

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Anonymous said...

And the bike?