Thursday, June 29, 2006

Paul Gilbert on YouTube

So, has pretty much everything you can think of up there, copyright issues be damned! (woohoo). I was looking around and caught 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Paul Gilbert's Intense Rock I, a wild instructional tape that is one of my personal favorites that I know at least half the licks off of. I can't string them together as fast as he does but there's no excuse for that! I should go dust that tape off! If you watch him you'll notice the unnatural affection he has for using his ring finger in wide 3 note per string patterns. It's not natural!!! I use the middle! He's a *&$%#$ FREAK!! (and a guitar god). They love him in Japan like zee Germans love Hasselhoff and soccer Hooligans!

Press the play button to see why he is one of my favorite rock guitarists...

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