Friday, June 16, 2006

Ubie gets a new Blog - Stinky meat & the Fat Project

Ubie has come over to the dark side. Not only has he recently gotten marred (Oops, I mean 'Married') he also switched over to Blogspot from Bloglines. I don't know how long it will take him to amass a similar number of meat pictures on the new site, but we'll monitor the situation.

incidentally, since I'm on Atkins again for the next two weeks, I need to look at pictures of meat like a frickin hole in the head. Which reminds me of an oldie but a goody, The Stinky Meat Project! (Ubie is not responsible for it, although I assume he gained some insight into his own meat pictures)

And, the guy's other project of note (and relatable to meat, and Atkins) The Fat project. (and the epilogue with the cute girl).

Incidentally, The Spark took the Fat Project offline when it turned into Barnes and Nobel and it's only findable now by the Internet Archive or "Wayback Machine".- Thanks to Jeff Shiller for the detective work in his blog posting.

And hey, here is my get-skinny Blog-entry for Project Ketosis!

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