Monday, June 26, 2006

Britany Spears looks like Alan Frew

I've always thought those two looked a little alike. Must be the beaks. Last Thursday I was cleaning up the kitchen and flicked on the TV. Dateline NBC or some such thing was on and they're sometimes good for an interesting murder investigation or something. Instead I got Britany Spears, looking like she just walk in from the cornfield where she was scaring away birds, crying about how people thinks she's a bad mother because she drives around with her kid on her lap, drops it sometimes, and married his loser "He's nothing but a sperm donor" of a father.
I guess she already fired her publicist because if "I" think she looked bad on that show, then she is in 'real' trouble..

When I was looking for photos of miss Spears, I came across this interesting flash animation entitled "The Mystery of Britany's Breasts".

The one thing that always bugs me about those pop tarts is how they always get huffy about being portrayed as 'sex objects'. Well, I guess when you agree to photo shoots that portray you like this. Not to mention the fact that 8 year olds suddenly want to dress like prostitutes because she does.. The one thing I'll give her is that she was never too anorexic like most 'Eat your lunch and vomit' pop tarts. But you could kinda tell that if she ever stopped working out, or whatever, there was a pretty chunky trailer hag waiting to burst out..

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