Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall. Cool guitar singer songwriter. I caught a clip of her on tv and she was doing a fantastic pedal dance on what looks like a Boss digital delay and a line 6 Echo/Loop Sampler pedal (Update, it's actually an AKAI E2 headrush loop pedal). Check out the video here. She's doing her song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" which I first heard in Montreal when I went to see Eric Johnson. They played it though the PA just before he came on and I remember jotting down some lyrics so I could do a search on the net to find out the name & artist (I thought it was called "You're not the one for me" - but I like the actual less-obvious title better!).
So she starts off by knocking the guitar body and looping that, followed by a muted scratch pattern, followed by a tamborine and some vocal "Hoo Hoo's" and she does the whole song straight through working off the layered loop she's built up. Pretty ballsy! One screw up and the whole thing is toast! I have two loop samplers, the Boss RC-20 and the Line 6 Echo Pro and I haven't used either live to that extent except for a single repeating chord strum.
But man, if she can do it, I gotta give that a try!

She rocks! What a wicked low voice she has! Can't wait for more!

I picked up her CD, the other cool song I like is "Suddenly I see". (and check out a live, loop-crazy version here!)

Go buy it! (note to self, check out the AKAI E2 headrush loop pedal)

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GWilliker said...

you just heard of her?? she won best female at the brit awards a few months back....