Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Houseguest and Nacho Libre!!!!

Hmm. It's Tuesday and she is still there... I took my youngest brother to see Nacho Libre, the new Jack Black film (it's pretty funny if you like that director, and Black's talent for over-acting). I'm still seeing his nipples in my sleep (not a good thing).
I got a bit of the scoop on my parent's new houseguest. She is a CAS ward that doesn't have a place to live and she and my brother seem to think it's ok to crash at my parent's place for a few months(hehehehehe). Oh man, I remember when I was 16 or 17 and knew everything. Official-type people are getting involved and there is some meeting tonight.

My kids sure like her. My 5 year old said "She's from London daddy, but now she moved here to Canada!".. That's London Ontario.. Cute eh? She is nice enough but man... That's kind of a big responsibility, taking in one of your son's new friends. So far it's been pretty un-eventful although the houseguest is making themselves quite comfortable(grin).

I remember when I had been living in my own house for a few years, I brought some neighbors to my parent's place to help me dump some dirt on the NCC property in back of my parent's house. It was hard to get them to help, what with the basketball net, Swimming pool, air-conditioning, Big Screen TV, surround-sound, fridge full of food, High Speed wireless Internet etc.. One of them asked me.. "Geez man, why did you ever leave?" I told him to ask my younger brother that. He stayed there into his uhh, early 30's.. Besides, they got all that cool stuff when my youngest brother arrived (My other brother and I got gyped! -- hehehehehe, Just kidding!!!!!! They were plenty nice to us!).

More on the new house guest later. Kinda reminds me of a young Kato Kealin.


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