Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bigfoot, God, and female genital mutilation

There are some things you just can't talk about at morning coffee, but I'll never learn.. I stumbled across an interesting website the other day. It was called The Official God FAQ. Like an idiot I brought it up this morning , because I'm agnostic and I'd say 30% of the people I know believe in a higher power and I'm always curious as to why, so... (did I mention I'm an idiot sometimes?) It appears I can't yet seem to discuss religion without trampling over somebody else's idea of it and that just ain't right. If I'm supposed to be a live and let live guy, it should not concern me that lots and lots of people believe in an imaginary guy in the clouds, and that when we die everything suddenly gets so much better (as long as you believe in the cloud guy that is, to say nothing of the many other 'different' cloud guys, none of whom have ever been seen or documented or scientifically been proven to exist, etc.. Oops there I go again.. see?).
When I was a kid and went to church the odd time for funerals, weddings and christenings I was curious about the whole communion thing. What was this drinking and eating stuff? Then someone explained to me that it's to signify the blood and body of the guy in the clouds and I though - That's not good.. Cannibalism! I don't want to join this club..

There's a slide of Bigfoot from the famous Roger Patterson film (Patterson/Gimlin film to be specific, but all Bob was doing was holding the shotgun) at the top of this entry. People find it funny that I beleive in the existence of a North American Ape (and life on other planets too!) but not a deity. At least there's some physical evidence of the big hairy guy! By the way, this film has never been seriously de-bunked and I have footprints cast from the film site in my basement. They are really cool!

The break concluded on the topic of female genital mutilations. I say it's barbaric, sexist and back-assed. It's not akin to a male circumcision, I'm talking the type 2 and 3 FGM where they cut stuff away to make orgasm impossible to achieve. I say they take the witch doctor who wants to perform that on a woman and hack his nuts off and see how he likes it. If it's good for the goose, then step up to the plate buddy!

In closing let's go over a paradox brought to my attention by Mr Lifto. If God can do anything, can he not create a huge rock the size of Canada that is so heavy he can't lift it? If he can create this super-rock, then he can certainly do anything he wants, but then again, if he can't lift it, that means he can't do everything... (see FAQ entry #1)

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