Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Rocket

Thursday at work I scored some free passes to catch a sneak preview of the new movie about Maurice Richard, "The Rocket". I called Lifto up and met him at theatre and took in what has to be one of the best hockey movies I have ever seen. Even my wife would have liked this! It had a love story and everything! It was neat to see some NHL stars in this flick (it was filmed during the lockout last year) like Vincent Lecavalier and Mike Ricci. They take great pains to recreate a lot of scenes from the famous still photos any Habs fan is framiliar with, mostly ones of Richard scoring or standing there shaking hands with some team he has beat with blood streaming down his face. The guy who plays him, Roy Dupuis looks just like the Rocket and also skates just like him.
One of the things they focused on that was kind of news to me was how french players where really treated badly on NHL teams back in the day. They weren't allowed to speak french on the bench, the refs would let other players do whatever they wanted to them and there was always funny things going on with the Rocket and the NHL scoring title. Stuff like other teams having assists given to star players who weren't even on the ice when the goal was scored, etc.. They also explain the cause of the Richard riot...

If you're a habs fan, you gotta see this flick!

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