Friday, April 28, 2006

My favorite X-File episode - Home EP02 SE04

I was emailing someone about an X-files geocache and mentioned that my absolute favorite episode has to be "Home" from season 4. Well, the geocacher hadn't seen that one, and in my mind, it was the best episode they ever did!!! We had moved into our house that summer (the same weekend Donovan Baily won gold at the Olympics) and this killer of an X-files episode aired months later on October 11 1996. I had stumbled onto the X-files at the tail-end of Season 1 and we had started to watch it religiously after that, so there I was, Friday night, 8:59pm (Man, I remember when it was on Fridays!) on my couch in the dungeon waiting for my wife to finish getting popcorn, or whatever it was she was doing, and it started.

These shadowy figures in overalls were burying a baby in the mud with a shovel at night in a rainstorm and it was alive and crying! CREEPY!! In the low light you can see that it's a deformed baby and one of the three people burying it is crying too, and they all kinda look deformed as well. They are all decked out in your standard "You got a purty mouth" hillbilly fashion.

At this point I yelled up the stairs to Julie.. "Hurry up!! It looks like a creepy one!!!!"

hehehehehe. And it WAS!!!!!

The mother creeped me out the most..... quote "I'm hungry!!!!".. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I don't want to ruin anything. Go rent it (or be bad and bittorrent it).... And prepare to be disturbed..

And finally, to my good friend Slava, who maintains that Gillian Anderson is not really good looking... Go get some GLASSES!

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