Friday, April 28, 2006

Go and Get em 8!!! (GAG8) - Ottawa geocaching event

Well, it was GAG8 this weekend, and about 137 of us were traipsing around in the woods looking for various forms of tupperware and swag with our GPSr's for this geocaching event. We were in a group of 5 and it made the hunts go a little quicker as you had many sets of eyes looking. We were taken to some great wooded areas and trails I hadn't been too before. At one point in the evening we found a bleached deer skull and we recreated the scene that took place before it got that way.

Deer1 "It's called a road, you cross 'em."
Deer2 "Really? is it safe?"
Deer1 "Sure! You go first!"

We found about 15 or 16 that night and we got kinda punchy as we went along, probably because some of the guys hit the beer-store for some celebratory brews along the way. We saw a pair of porcupines on one cache (how do those things mate anyhow? - UGG.. just checked. Something about the male softening the female's quills with urine before mating.. ) but they both scrambled up a tree before we could take any good pictures.
One great thing about these GAG events is that you run into people in the woods doing what you're doing! (geocaching.. what else? Well, as it turns out, there's plenty else, but we won't go there...). We ran into one couple also geocaching as all five of us came out of the bushes and it was nice to meet a few new faces. One of them said..

"Are you guys doing what we're doing?"
And I said "Satanic cat sacrificing rituals?"
And Gwilliker said "Shhh, nope.. That's Thursday..." and they laughed even though they looked kind of nervous...

Twas a grand night. Thank you US military for using your sats for FREE!"

Ahh, the porcupines.. I was reminded of something my grandfather told me long ago. He said that if I wanted a pet porcupine I should go find one up a tree somewhere, and shake said tree until the porcupine came falling down out of it. The wind velocity of the fall would cause the porcupine's hollow quils to point skyward and it would be quite safe to catch it.

He had a strange sense of humour...

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