Thursday, April 13, 2006

Geocaching crypto Challenge - The one time pad

I haven't been sleeping much these nights. Ever since I saw the new Ottawa crypto geocache One-Time pad night-guy has been up in full force, trying to crack the thing, leaving day-guy red-eyed, slack-jawed and slightly useless. This sucks because once you get a look at these things, it sucks the time outta your life for days and weeks. I once spent over a month and a half cracking one . I said I'd never do that again, but I've done it a few times since.

Well, after several nights up until 1:00am and three visits to various sites (30km away so 60km round trip for a total of 180km) I managed to find the thing this morning bright and early on 5 hours sleep before work. What a way to start the long weekend!

This one was a little sweeter because Mike at work bet me a breakfast and coke that I wouldn't be able to decrypt it in two weeks! It's amazing what one does for a free breakfast!

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