Friday, April 14, 2006

Suicide Bomber Barbie

I was cruising through this month's issue of Heavy Metal and caught an article on Simon Tyszko’s Suicide Barbie. I wonder if we'll ever see this on the market one day... It's not a real toy, just a pop sculpture and general statement on the world these days. I expect we'll also see a Jihad Joe as well...

I was also suprised to learn that a toy company from the middle east has marketed a Barbie clone
named "Fulla", complete with typical female middle-eastern outdoor clothing, Burka, headwrap and all that. Lots of countries in the middle east, even uhh, a swinging place like Saudi Arabia, banned Barbie because of her "revealing clothes and shameful postures." Okaaaaaaay.. (it is a toy right?)

No Ken counterpart as of yet but some website jokingly made reference to plans for an "angry brother". Hehehehe. Also the pic we see at the right revealing the flowery skirt, would only bee seen by other women and Fulla's family. Shameful hussy!


Anonymous said...

Toys impact small children brain so children can get infulence from the toy

Zartimus said...

Gender specific Religious garbments that cover the entire body and head of one sex and not the other seem pretty back-ass to me. I mean, wear it if you want, but women should be made to wear that stuff, especially not by men.

I'm always suprised to see that particular thing carried over in Canada. It seems oppressive to me. I wonder if Fulla can get a job in the countries she is sold in?

Back ass... Hello? Rights?