Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Chocolate Bunny day(late)

Hey, I just realized I neer posted anything about Easter last week. Then I saw this cartoon on another blog. HAW! Happy Chocolate Bunny day!

It was a busy weekend, including a trip to Montreal Saturday to see some guitar virtuosos then off to Granny's farm on Sunday. There was much turkey and chocolate(my kids ran off in the cow dung though. This is why we dress them in white leather shoes, probably made out of cow now that I think of it...)


Lifto said...

All this "Easter Bunny" crap at Easter drives me crazy. In the mad rush to sanitize anything remotely religious, we end up losing the true meaning of what Easter is all about! This Easter Sunday, my family was in TO visiting relatives and we went to Clarkson village, where the local businesses hand out easter chocolate (ala halloween) to all of the good little catholic children. While in line, I took it upon myself to remind my children and andbody else who might be listening in, about what the true mwaning of Easter is. I explained how Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. He was buried in a cave and 3 days later he rose, emerged from the cave and saw his shadow, which meant 6 more weeks of winter.

My kids thought that was cool!

Zartimus said...

I'm not religious, but that there Jesus feller sounded like a pretty nice guy. I don't agree with them Romans nailing him to a tree for saying we should be nice to everybody.

Then again, if you go to church to drink his blood and eat his flesh, well.. That ain't right either..

My computer died on Easter. And didn't rise..