Thursday, April 06, 2006

Heatley - 46 goals!

Watching the Sens and Habs tonight and at 20:39 Dany Heatley just popped one and grabbed the Sens single season goal scoring record with his 46th (previously held by the guy he was traded for, Marian Hossa) making it 2 -1 Sens.

Way to go!

Of course, the Habs scored 11 seconds later on a bad giveaway, but I'm a Habs fan too so it's ALL good! (I love when these two teams play, it's a win/win for me). I'm especially grateful the Habs traded away their sieve of a goalie this season and are making good with Huit in goal. I remember someone on tv saying Theodore would suck this season with the equiptment shrinkage and it appears they were right!!

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